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DARRDelft Atmospheric Research Radar
DARRDigital Accident Research Recorder
DARRDepartment of Army Regional Representative
DARRDirect Antiglobulin Rosetting Reaction
DARRDirect Anti-Determinant Rosetting Reaction (immunology)
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A history- sheeter, he was inspired by SRK movie Darr By Shashank Shekhar in New Delhi
During the hearing, two of the women claimed that Mrs Darr had ordered all images of pigs to be removed from the school library and classrooms, but the judges said such claims were "incredible" in the light of other evidence.
In their analysis of the 2004, 2008, and 2012 elections, Levendusky and Darr (2014) did explore the impact of Democratic field offices on turnout.
Samerah Darr (third right) with, from the left, her mother Zaitun Iqbal, grandfather Abdul Rehman, her daughter Malaika, eight, her son |Dawar, nine, and her cousin Mehmoona Darr, 16
Solicitor Rizwan Darr joins the business from Shoosmiths.
Using Rapid Remedy, an online service that allows students to video chat with board-certified physicians, Harrisburg students can skip unneeded office visits while saving the school money, shares Harrisburg's President Eric Darr.
que trriste: perro yo serr buen socio y darr tu parrte a ti
Linda Bauer Darr, President & CEO * Idarr@moving.
Darr (hospital administration, George Washington U.
Who do you think is cleverer: professional man-of-letters Stephen Fry or professional ball-chucker Darr en Gough?
Darr CPA, MT, is a Revenue Agent and a specialist with the Federal, State, and Local Division of the Internal Revenue Service.
A] and his wife, Carol Darr, welcomed the group to converge on their home for four days of eating, drinking, shopping, touring, cigar smoking, and the traditional poker game.