DARRTDisabled Aircraft Repair and Recovery Team
DARRTDenver Anti-Racism and Reconciliation Team (est. 1997; Colorado)
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L96: Brussels-midi - frontier rff (feignies), Commune of quvy realization of a rural road along the roads with a view to the suppression of the pn106 it comprises, In main order: - the construction of an agricultural road in cement stabilized of line 96 between rue du cerisier and rue du point darrt in quvy-le-petit (commune of quvy) - the construction of ditches along this road - the closure of the crossing 106.
(9.) Greenhouse Gas New Source Performance Standard for Electric Generating Units--Reg DaRRT, ENVTL.
(4) DARRT, Department of Economics, University of Bologna, Strada Maggiore 45, Bologna 40125, Italy.