DARSSDiode Array Rapid-Scan Spectrometer
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The hypothetical River Dana was introduced to the scientific discussion to explain the Lake Ancylus regression via Darss Sill, Fehman Belt (Femern Baelt) and Great Belt (Storebaelt) into Kattegat (von Post 1929, Kolp 1986, Bjorck 1995).
yr BP the Lake Ancylus was lowered at least to the level given by the deepest thresholds at about 24 (22) m below sea level in the Great Belt and the Darss Sill, respectively (Lemke 1998).
The delay indicates that the Darss Sill did not have a spillway for a certain period of time.
Assuming that the most probable migration route was directed from Denmark to Ruegen the Darss Sill has to be considered as dry land covered with forests.
Our field work in the New Darss led to the discovery of recent Podzols, in which no differentiation between humic and ferric illuvial horizons could be made (Fig.
In 1992, TBEV genome was detected by PCR in 3 tick pools from the island of Usedom, and in 2 pools from the Darss peninsula, 100 km northeast of Neustrelitz.