DARTADetroit Area Regional Transportation Authority
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Recomposed by Shani Arshad, Kya Darta Hai is set to the anthem of #MaiBhi movement initiated by Frieha Altaf.
“I've always been interested in creating biomedical technology that is for everyday use,” said Valery Kuryshev, CEO of Darta Systems and co-creator of Emvio.
"Main kisi se nahin darta (I am not afraid of anything," he said.
Ek tasweer banaai thi mukammal na hooi; Ek hi rang laho rang tha bharta gaya main; Sirf iqraar hi karta raha bekhaufi se; Yaani inkaar ke aashob se darta gaya main.
tuberculatum, popularly known as "pimenta longa" and "pimenta darta", is largely used in folk medicine as a sedative and antidote for snake bite.
* THE DETROIT AREA REGIONAL TRANSPORTATION AUTHORITY (DARTA) is the result of an unprecedented degree of regional cooperation between the top political leadership of Southeast Michigan.
Frieha Altaf's recently launched social cause 'Mein Bhi' took centre stage when the movement's anthem was performed with over 32 musicians and a 40-piece orchestra that recreated Shehzad Roy's song 'Kya Darta Hai'.
The main highlight of the evening was when an anthem for 'Mein Bhi' Social Movement was performed with over 32 musicians and artistes and a 40 piece orchestra that recreated Shehzad Roy's song Kya Darta Hai.
According to private news channel, launching ceremony was organized by a social welfare and literary organization 'Yoon' during which Raz Gul Hairan's poetry collection "Hussana, Ayiena Darta Hairana Da", Wafeeullah Wafee's book "Jwand Da Ihsas Ghega Ke" and Dryab Afridi's bood "Zaga Kanri" were launched.
* Coordinating the establishment of the Detroit Area Regional Transportation Authority (DARTA), a critical and long-awaited first step in developing an efficient, seamless metropolitan transit system (see page 23).
Continue to support DARTA and its Board of Directors in its efforts to secure FY 2005-06 federal and state funding, recruit and hire its first CEO, and provide business input into the development of the regional transit service plan.