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DARUDemocracy in Africa Research Unit (Centre for Social Science Research; University of Cape Town; Cape Town, South Africa)
DARUDrug Addiction Research Unit
DARUDavis Arbovirus Research Unit (University of California, Davis)
DARUDistributed Automatic Response Unit
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Though the Baron di Piombo displeased mere courtiers, he had the Darus, Drouots, and Carnots with him as friends.
The agreement reads that Daru 'l-Arab will be covering the activities of AACC in the Arab press.
In the very beginning of the novel Daru is facing a trial in court.
One day, he cannot escape any longer -- the French police entrust a prisoner called Mohammed (Reda Kateb) to Daru to escort to the nearest town, which happens to be a day's journey, for the man's trial.
Daru is a widower, a former military officer who fought against the Germans in WWII and has now returned to his homeland in order to rebuild his life and to teach children from the local rural community.
In "Far From Men'' ("Loin des Hommes'' in French), Mortensen plays Daru, a former soldier who teaches children in an isolated Algerian mountain region.
President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev visited Aktobe's ferro-alloy plant and Daru rehabilitation center on June 23 during his working trip to the region, the President's press service reported.
7 -- A youth delegation comprising of 24 children of Indian Army families accompanied by two academic staff visited Sri Lanka from 30 August - 05 September 2012 under the 'Youth Exchange Programme' of Sri Lanka Army's Viru Daru Society.
This may also be the last chance for the revival of the local automobile industry after in mid 1990s Rover set up a joint venture with the Bulgarian Daru Group in Varna, which failed because of a weak market strategy, high prices, and a stronger competitor in the face of Skoda.
Daru Khan, a local resident, said he was one of the beneficiaries of the generator project but was not happy with programme.
Zverejnovani prijatych daru ma zrejmy vyznam z hlediska hospodareni organizace.
Some children and decedents of of Daru ancestors came to Kabul and request the Emirate to gave them the fields, farms and plantation in the village of Chora which belongs to Hazara people and the great Amir accepted the request and assigned Dost Mohammad Khan Ayshak Aqasi of Prince Sardar Habiballuh Khan who is from the same tribe as the head of these people to implement the decree.