DASBDrzavni Arhiv u Slavonskom Brodu (Croatian archive collection)
DASBDistrict Armed Services Board (various locations)
DASBDe Anza Associated Student Body (Cupertino, CA)
DASBDutch Accounting Standards Board
DASBDivision Aviation Support Battalion
DASBDover Area School Board (Pennsylvania, USA)
DASBDefinite Accurate Sdn Bhd (Malaysian inspection company)
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Deputy Director DASB Faisalabad Lt Col (Retd) Mohammad Yaqoob said here on Saturday that Matric pass retired JCOs/NCOs who have age between 50 to 57 years and no red-ink entry in their service record were illegible for applying.
The aspirants should visit DASB Office during office time along with their documents; he said and added that more information in this regard can be obtained from the office of DASB Faisalabad through telephone number 041-9200723.
Under the terms of the agreement, AVI will subscribe for 90% equity in DASB with the remaining 10% held by SDGL.
SDGL will receive a guaranteed income totalling USD3.9m, in consideration of AVI acquiring 90% equity in DASB. This will be progressively paid to SDGL with USD1.2m in 2009, USD1.3m in 1010 and USD1.4m in 2011.
In addition, AVI will provide USD11.5m to fund the roll out of DASB's mobile VoIP services encompassing mobile VoIP voice calls, mobile advertising and mobile video sharing in China.
However, in his account of two major cultural events, the music festival of the DASB in Hanover on 16-18 June 1929 and the Feierstunden der Arbeitersanger (here called the festival of the Red Song) in Berlin on 10-13 May 1931, Richard Bodek breaks new ground by demonstrating through an exhaustive programme analysis how the DASB became more militant, especially in Berlin.
5-Dimethylaminonaphthalene-1-sulfonyl-n-butylamide (DASB) was synthesized from the reaction of 5-dimethylaminonaphthalene-1-sulfonyl chloride (DASC) with an excess of n-butylamine in THF.
A typical formulation of the photocurable system consists 10 g of an as-received resin, 10 mg DIBF, 24.8 mg OPPI, 11.8 mg DIDMA, and 1.0 mg DASB. The mixture was mixed thoroughly before the photocuring process.
The fluorescence probe, DASB or PRODAN, was mixed into the photocurable monomer solutions to be studied at a concentration of about 1-5 x [10.sup.-4] M/L.
The intending candidates should visit the DASB office during office time along with their documents; he said and added more information in this regard can be obtained from the office of DASB Faisalabad.
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