DASBDrzavni Arhiv u Slavonskom Brodu (Croatian archive collection)
DASBDistrict Armed Services Board (various locations)
DASBDe Anza Associated Student Body (Cupertino, CA)
DASBDutch Accounting Standards Board
DASBDivision Aviation Support Battalion
DASBDover Area School Board (Pennsylvania, USA)
DASBDefinite Accurate Sdn Bhd (Malaysian inspection company)
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Also, AVI and SDGL will use their best effort to list DASB on an Asian stock exchange within 3 years from date of the shareholders agreement.
The company said that with AVI's investment in DASB it expects EBIT and gross profit margin to improve in 2009.
DASB is a highly fluorescing compound with a large Stokes shift (152 nm in THF).
ex] = 380 nm) of DASB in a commercial acrylate coating formulation (Desotech 950-076, used as a primary coating for fibers) before (0% C = C conversion) and after curing for 30 sec ([approximately]95% C = C conversion) using a medium pressure Hg lamp.
Therefore, the DASB probe can be used to monitor the photocuring processes of acrylic coatings for optical fibers.
To demonstrate the applicability of the fluorescent probe technique, we doped the DASB probe into two types of acrylic coating formulations: an alpha gloss Durethane coating (from PPG Industries) and a low gloss coating also from the PPG.
In a similar manner, we examined the applicability of the DASB probe for cure monitoring of a commercial UV-curable silicone acrylate resin obtained from GE Silicones.
It is interesting to know the effects of visible initiators on the fluorescence spectra of the DASB probe.
The intending candidates should visit the DASB office during office time along with their documents; he said and added more information in this regard can be obtained from the office of DASB Faisalabad.