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Moreover, the lexicographic sources that have been consulted, such as the CNPDSUE, DASCE, OED, RDMASUE, RSSD and TTEM dictionaries make note of the slang use of the verb to goose, that is 'to poke or tickle a person in a sensitive part, especially the genital or anal regions' (19th > 20th centuries).
Moreover, according to the DASCE and OED dictionaries, the verb to goose has been employed since the 20th century in such secondary senses as 'to feed short bursts of fuel to an engine or vehicle using the accelerator or throttle', 'to employ the accelerator or throttle in order to accelerate a vehicle or rev an engine', and--more generally--'to accelerate a vehicle'.
Apart from the well-evidenced goose-cap, such lexicographic sources as the BDPF, CNPDSUE, DASCE, OED, RDMASUE and TTEM dictionaries register the compound goose egg, which surfaced in the 19th century in A.E.