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DASDDirect Access Storage Device
DASDDeputy Assistant Secretary of Defense
DASDDallastown Area School District (Dallastown, PA)
DASDDirectly Accessible Storage Device
DASDData Access Storage Device
DASDDeForest Area School District (Wisconsin)
DASDDanville Area School District (Pennsylvania)
DASDDowningtown Area School District (Downingtown, PA, USA)
DASDDiploma in the Art of Spiritual Direction (San Francisco, CA)
DASDDover Area School District (Dover, Pennsylvania)
DASDDubois Area School District (Pennsylvania)
DASDData Access Storage Device (less common)
DASDDirect Access Storage Drive (less common)
DASDDefense Avionics Systems Division
DASDData Systems Authorization Directory
DASDDigital Air Situation Display
DASDDerry Area School District (Derry, PA)
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Together, Virtual/BLUE 3990 and FlexLine online storage systems offer StorageTek's mainframe customers costeffective options to vastly increase the capacity of their tier two mainframe DASD data storage.
With increasing pressures to reduce costs, it is important to manage space efficiently and migrate unnecessary data off of the primary DASD. SRM solutions gather historical information on pools, volumes, data sets, and VTOCs and display the results.
Such links could also be created for the other technically difficult unsuccessful practices (in Table 1: 4, return codes from 110 operations; 8, invalid codes written to master files; 9, console messages for DASD I/Os).
In many computing environments, an organization can realize significant cost savings from using COLD to replace more expensive direct access storage device (DASD) storage.
A line of high-performance cable assemblies for copper fibre channel applications is suitable for high-speed serial datacom systems, such as storage area networks, fibre channel switches, DASD and RAID mass storage systems, and other mission-critical applications.
Mainframe users - and eventually Unix and NT users - will be able to carry out regular point-in-time saves, for backup, Y2K testing, business intelligence applications etc, across multiple volumes and DASD systems and subsystems.
He invented a character, "Dasd Purdy," who wrote a series of increasingly frightening letters to Silverman threatening her with exposure, threatening her teenage daughter with kidnapping, and ultimately demanding money not to kidnap her.(10) Wachtler was charged with extortion.(11) His letters were marled interstate, however, and thus what might have been a set of misdemeanor New York state charges(12) became a much more serious federal felony.(13)
Its mainframe CPUs handle one billion instructions per second; storage exceeds seven terabytes of on-line DASD (direct access storage device), 11 robotic tape silos, and over 650,000 cartridge tapes.
Also required was that the vendor bid enough magnetic storage (DASD) for all work in progress to reside on-line to ensure fast retrievals for active cases.
The entire family has significantly increased price/performance, DASD and memory capacity.