DASDADissemination Activities Supporting Design for All (EU)
DASDADiamino Stilbene Disulphonic Acid
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Tenders are invited for Providing and fitting fixing of Electrical accessories, spare of panel board of water treatment plant at Dasda during 2017-18.
Tenders are invited for Construction of (1) observer point at mani bop, natun para and (2) cyclone shed at out side of moni bop under dasda rd block
Tenders are invited for construction of 2 work ( one is for construction of observer point and another is for construction of cyclone shed ) under dasda rd block of north tripura district.
sub division, Dharmanagar, Dasda, Kanchanpur, Panisagar
Tenders Are Invited for Water Supply Scheme at Dasda Under Dasda Block of North District, Tripura / Design, Supply and Construction of 0.3 Mgd (Sixteen Hours Pumping) Capacity Surface Water Treatment Plant Including Civil, Mechanical, Electrical Works, Supply of All Necessary Equipments, Testing and Successful Commissioning of the Plant Etc.
Tenders are invited for Water Supply Scheme at Dasda under Dasda Block of North District Tripura Design, supply and Construction of 0.3 MGD(sixteen hours pumping) capacity surface water