DASEBDepartment of the Army Suitability Evaluation Board
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However, AR 600-37 expressly excludes Article 15s from DASEB's removal authority.
The DASEB, in addition to removing adverse information from an OMPF, can approve the filing of adverse information in the OMPF.
In sum, Major Gonzalez asserted that none of the supposed "ample opportunities" offered him were adequate to safeguard his constitutional rights and liberty interest.(63) The Article 32 proceeding, MOR rebuttal process, DASEB, DAADB, and ABCMR(64) were not entrusted as "super-boards of inquiry" making show cause and retention decisions for the Army.(65) These forums, Major Gonzalez urged, failed to accomplish the exhaustive and thorough evaluation provided by a duly appointed board of inquiry.(66)