DASFDansk Arbejdsmands (Danish: Danish Working Man)
DASFDogues Allemands Sans Famille (French: Great Danes Without Families; rescue group)
DASFDirect Alarme Sans Fil (French: Direct Wireless Alarm)
DASFDue and Status File (US DoD)
DASFDirect Access Storage Facility
DASFDublin Airport Stakeholders Forum (Ireland)
DASFDirect Air Support Flight (US Air Force)
DASFDevelopment Alternatives Services Foundation (Tamale, Ghana)
DASFDirection des Affaires Sociales et Familiales (French: Directorate of Social and Family Affairs; Switzerland)
DASFDepartment of Agriculture, Stock & Fisheries
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A DASF is a field medical unit, staffed by specially trained doctors and nurses, that provides for the care of patients who are being evacuated to hospitals or other care facilities.
Tambien hubo criticas por parte de la DASF, la confederacion que agrupaba a los trabajadores no cualificados.
The polypropylene (PP) used as a matrix was a Pro-fax SR256M obtained from Montell and the polyamide (PA6) used as a dispersed phase is an Ultramid B4 obtained from DASF.