DASHEDutch Association for Shorter Higher Education (Netherlands)
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He observed and delved into the daily life of Dashe District both inside and outside of the noise barrier wall.
Dashe said the surety must reside within the jurisdiction of the court and submit his driver's licence or permanent voter card to the court.
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Nintendo's hopes that Super Mario Run would follow in the footsteps of PokAaAaAeA@mon Go have quickly been dashe Ace Research Institute analyst, Hideki Yasuda told the WSJ.
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However, other studies have shown that newborns with disproportionate or asymmetric growth retardation resulting from alteration in body composition during pregnancy are more prone to diseases in adulthood than newborns with symmetrical small body weight (Dashe et al., 2000).
Desde su llegada han pintado muros en Belgica (Gante), Inglaterra (Londres y Bedmond) y Francia (Paris y Burdeos), ciudades en las que colaboraron con artistas locales como el frances Dashe o el belga Sebastian Ases, y tambien con el muralista y arquitecto tijuanense Libre Hernandez en la capital britanica, en donde coincidieron con un grupo de artistas mexicanos de street art que participan en el Ano Dual Mexico-Reino Unido.