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DASIDegree Angular Scale Interferometer
DASIDuke Activity Status Index (cardiac disease questionnaire)
DASIDiffusion des Arts et des Savoirs par l'Image (French: Diffusion of Arts and Knowledge Through the Image; Lumière University Lyon 2; France)
DASIDefence and Systems Institute (Australia)
DASIDigital Altimeter Setting Indicator
DASIDial Access Signaling Interface
DASIDiversified Aero Services, Inc. (Miami, FL; est. 1993)
DASIDomestic Abuse and Sexual Assault Intervention Services (Newton, NJ)
DASIDistributed Array of Small Instruments (space weather research)
DASIDial Access Service Interface
DASIDevelopment Agency for Social Improvement (India)
DASIDevotees Associating with Spiritual Intent (religious group)
DASIDutch Australian Society, Illawarra (est. 1952; Australia)
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DASI's components include a regional competition across 14 countries in the Middle East to identify two winning innovative social enterprises that will receive customized Deloitte support packs of advisory services, mentorship, networking opportunities, and skills-development valued at over US$ 100,000.
Binodini Dasi's poetry collection is not yet translated and I am currently working on this project.
and trans., My Story and My Life as an Actress by Binodini Dasi (New Delhi: Kali, 1998).
Nor can DASI detect the polarization Holy Grail--the much weaker polarization pattern that gravitational waves from the Big Bang's earliest instant should have imprinted upon the microwave sky.
(19.) Basantakumari Dasi, Jositvigyan (Barisal, 1875), 2.
Likewise, for a population base, you can average DASI scores over total number of patients.
Sugar (Dasi or Milled)###1.31###4.6###1.26###4.9###1.32###5.1###0.94###3.5###0.72###2.6
Jack Doyle, one of the riding finds of the season, was seen at his best when galvanising Dancing Dasi to a hard earned neck verdict over Tambourine Ridge in the mares' novice hurdle.
Regardless of their BMI category women who were the least active (a DASI score of less than 25) had the highest risk of adverse events, including death from any cause or hospitalization for nonfatal MI, stroke, congestive heart failure, and unstable angina, during a mean follow-up of 4 years.
It is no wonder then that the Vedic dasi (woman in servitude), captured, subjugated, and enslaved by the conquering Aryans, but who also represents one aspect of Indian womanhood, disappeared without leaving any trace of herself in nineteenth century history.
Elizabeth Jayne, 21, "guardian" of 8-month-old Moose, is all for the change, saying, "I think it's great if it makes more people respect animals more." At rear are Teman Erhart and his dog, Dasi. CITY COUNCIL WORK SESSION When: noon today.
Thus, according to Manu and Yajnavalkya, the son of a sudra (18) by a dasi (19) or by a dasi or a dasadasi, at will, (20) inherits a share.