DASIRDépôt Auto Sport Industrie Rhodanien (French: Rhône Sports Car Industries Depot; Rhône, France)
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The warung has always opened 24 hours because Pak Dasir used to be a becak driver before he opened Warmo.
On the other hand the type with name and/or epithet immediately following the pronoun is quite uncommon: 2.20.7ab (echoed in 8.96.19d and 20a) sa vrtrahendrah krsnayonth, puramdaro dasir airayad vi "Indra the Vrtrakiller (Geldner Der Vrtratoter Indra) demolished the (cities of) the Dasas pregnant with black ones." Note also 2.24.1lcd sa devo devan prati paprathe prthu "He the god (Geldner Der Gott) spread out (as) wide (as the other) gods." The verse concludes (11d) with a nominal sentence and the god's name in hyperbaton, thus reestablishing the pattern of syntactic deferral: visves u ta paribhur brahmanas patih "All these (worlds) encompassing (is) Brahmanaspati." Indeed brdhmanas patih fills the cadence of seven of this hymn's fourteen jagati verses.
Potato Rs 53/46 per Kg, Onion Rs 69/60, Ginger Rs 195/135, Garlic DasiRs 105/85, Garlic (Quetta) Rs 135/110, Lady Finger Rs 150/125, Pumpkin Rs 75/64, BrinjalRs 55/49, Peas Rs 140/120, Cucumber Rs 55/49, Capsicum Rs 115/95, Cauliflower Rs 75/65, Cabbage Rs 55/48, Bitter Gourd Rs 115/100, Green Zucchini Rs 85/70, Spinach Rs 25/20, RaddishRs 22/17, Turnip Rs 23/18, MarooRs 75/65, Yam Rs 52/42, Carrot Rs 65/54, SaagRs 25/18, Lemon (China) Rs 65/54, Chicken Rs 175 and Eggs per dozen Rs129.