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DaSKDanish Vintage Gliding Club (aviation)
DASKDansk Algoritmisk Sekvens Kalkulator (Danish: Danish Algorithmic Sequence Converter; early computer)
DASKDifferentially-Encoded Amplitude-Shift Keying
DASKDogal Afet Sigortalari Kurumu (Turkish: Natural Disaster Insurance Institution)
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DASK refers to compulsory earthquake insurance and the letters DA relate to dogal afet, which means natural disaster but are associated with earthquakes as the concept was introduced after the terrible earthquake in GE[micro]lcE-k in August 1999.
According to Article 10/3 and 11/3 of the Turkish Penal Code (TCK) numbered 6305, a landlord is responsible for providing DASK for the flat he is renting out.
In order to register your name for the bills, the landlord should pay DASK insurance.
Under these circumstances, you can try to pay for and set up DASK insurance on behalf of your landlord, after which you should be able to register your name to receive utilities.
At 317 DASK (November 22, 2009), that is, 28 days before soybean sowing, the weeds were visually evaluated, and the various degrees of infestation were expressed as a percentage, in which zero indicated the absence of plant cover and 100 indicated that the area was completely covered by plants.
At 32 and 86 DASK, there was greater number of kudzu plants on the furrows of the sowing treatment; consequently, at 86 [DAS.
The seed sowing rate significantly influenced the shoot dry matter at 86 and 315 DASK (Figure 1A and B) and the number of plants at 32 and 86 DASK (Figure 2).