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DASLDAV (Distributed Authoring and Versioning) Searching & Locating
DASLData and Story Library (online statistics library)
DASLData Analysis for Student Learning (Ohio)
DASLDrexel Autonomous Systems Laboratory (Mechanical Engineering Department; Drexel University; Philadelphia, PA)
DASLDepartment of the Army Strategic Logistics
DASLDistributed Applications and Systems Lab (University of Montana; Missoula, MT)
DASLDistribution Automatique Sud Luberon (French vending machine distributor)
DASLDrug & Alcohol Service for London (UK)
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In a separate study, we used the DASL assay to monitor expression of 510 prostate cancer-related genes in >140 cancer and benign prostate hyperplasia FFPE samples.
In interpreting these data, it is important to recognize that the output of the DASL assay is a reflection of the extended and ligated query oligonucleotide pool.
Illumina's DASL assay opens up a new avenue for reproducible RNA profiling at high multiplex and at low cost per sample.
The DASL (cDNA-mediated Annealing, Selection, extension and Ligation) assay has been tested extensively with nine different institutions over a two-year period.
We recognise that data security is going to be on the agenda for many organisations in 2014, particularly when it involves vulnerable individuals, so it is great to see charities such as DASL taking proactive steps to secure the information they share.
Over the past few years, DASL has continued to extend its services in a planned and steady way, taking into account gaps in service provision, customer choice and government priorities.
The DASL assay gives us the ability to obtain consistent, high-quality data from FFPE samples and has opened-up new avenues of investigation that were not previously available to us.
The DASL gene expression and GoldenGate Methylation assays offered across both the BeadArray and VeraCode facilitate the understanding of the molecular basis of cancer," says Tristan Orpin, Senior Vice President of Illumina's Commercial Operations.
The DASL data and story "library" was created as part of a larger effort to enhance the teaching of statistics using computers, and is one of the many data links suggested on the Graph Master resource webpage (above).