DASMDynamic Application Service Management
DASMDehydroandrographolide Succinic Acid Monoester
DASMDistrict Account Support Manager
DASMDistributed Abstract State Machines (computer science)
DASMDirect Access Storage Medium
DASMDifference Adiabatic Scanning Microcalorimetry
DASMDeputy for Acquisition and Systems Management (US Army)
DASMDétection Analyse Sécurité Maintenance (French: Detection Analysis Security Maintenance)
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Grado is the Principal Clinical Investigator of the DASM project and was instrumental in the design and development of the software.
The DASM software will allow for the implantation of radioactive seeds having more than one activity level using a Mick applicator or preloaded needles.
The DASM software could have even greater significance when combined with Implant's Octant DVHs and Pathology Mapping prototype software modules.