DASMDriver Assistance System Module (software)
DASMDeputy for Acquisition and Systems Management (US Army)
DASMDynamic Application Service Management
DASMDétection Analyse Sécurité Maintenance (French: Detection Analysis Security Maintenance)
DASMDehydroandrographolide Succinic Acid Monoester
DASMDiploma of Advanced Studies in Music (Independent Contemporary Music Awards)
DASMDistributed Abstract State Machines (computer science)
DASMDistrict Account Support Manager
DASMDirect Access Storage Medium
DASMDifference Adiabatic Scanning Microcalorimetry
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The study subjects were DASM, SASM and GAAPE managers and professionals.
Three DASM staff members were interviewed (a manager and two other professionals), four SASM members (one manager and three other professionals, and 13 (thirteen) GAAPE staff (one manager and twelve professionals).
The evaluation performed 110 days after sowing the maize (DASM) revealed that the interaction between the hybrids and the methods of weed control exerted an effect on the fresh and dry matters of the weed shoots.
In six cases, Tukey's test was performed to analyse the maize yield and to evaluate the characteristics related to maize yield (Tables 5 and 6), and hoeing 20 days after sowing the maize (DASM) followed by intercropping with sabia were found to be superior in five of the six cases compared to the treatment involving intercropping with sabia at the time of sowing the maize and subsequent hoeing 40 DASM.
The superiority of hoeing 20 days after sowing the maize (DASM) and intercropping with sabia after hoeing compared to the combination of hoeing and intercropping examined in this study may be related to the so-called critical period of weed control (CPWC) with respect to most of the evaluated characteristics.
It is configured via a pull-down menu, and it can replace existing Analogic DASM LCAMs or can be added to existing installed SuperDASMs.