DASNDeputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy
DASNDementia Advocacy and Support Network
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The establishment of OPNAV N99 and DASN UxS created external advocates for unmanned systems, but not constituents within the carrier aviation community.
John Zangardi, DASN, C4, IO, & Space addressing “Navy's Space Activities in Support of Forward and Geographically-Dispersed Operations “
I think you will find the articles provide a broad overview of acquisition, including its governance process, the role DASN (A&LM) plays in the weapons system procurement process, Supply Corps support of acquisition at systems commands, the value of internships in developing the acquisition workforce of the future, and lastly, the challenges associated with contracting in a Joint environment or during a contingency.
Bob Moore, who had previously served as DASN (A&LM).
1) and the Competition Advocate General, DASN (A&LM) is focused on the how just as much as the why we acquire goods and services.
Supporting the development of a successful logistics support strategy is the core mission of DASN (A&LM) Logistics Division.
Jim Malone, Director, e-Business Policy Oversight, DASN (A&LM)
LT Timothy Bartha, to Embedded Training Team (ETT), Kabul Afghanistan CDR Kevin Bartol from DASN (A&LM) Det.
On the DASN side, I've gotten into the business process, DMIRS (Defense Military Integrated Resource System), NSIPS (Navy Standard Integrated Personnel System), TMIP (Theater Medical Information Program), which brings medical technology to our ships at sea.
NR DASN ACQ 106, a Navy Reserve unit consisting of 10 Supply Corps Officers assigned to RDML Brown's office, coordinates the event itself.
The Department of the Navy point of contact for Earned Value Management is Kathy Llewellyn, Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Research, Development and Acquisition), DASN Management and Budget.