DASNDeputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy
DASNDementia Advocacy and Support Network
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Supporting the development of a successful logistics support strategy is the core mission of DASN (A&LM) Logistics Division.
In April 2007, senior leadership recognized an opportunity to better leverage the expertise of its contracting professionals and logistics professionals by combining two separate organizations into one, creating the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Acquisition and Logistics Management DASN (A&LM).
DASN (A&LM) Logistics Division serves as ASN (RD&A)'s focal point for logistics policy.
The Commanding Officer of NR DASN ACQ 106 is CDR Brendan Mattimore, SC, USN (RC).
I think you will find the articles provide a broad overview of acquisition, including its governance process, the role DASN (A&LM) plays in the weapons system procurement process, Supply Corps support of acquisition at systems commands, the value of internships in developing the acquisition workforce of the future, and lastly, the challenges associated with contracting in a Joint environment or during a contingency.
Bob Moore, who had previously served as DASN (A&LM).
DASN (A&LM)'s own Senior Executive Service (SES) Deputy and Chief of Staff, Mike Jaggard, who as then, Capt.
1) and the Competition Advocate General, DASN (A&LM) is focused on the how just as much as the why we acquire goods and services.
If DASN (A&LM)'s mission is to advise the Secretariat, our objective and goal is to provide the tools necessary to carry out the Maritime Strategy.
DASN (A&LM)'s realm of influence towards our objective is in the trade space between action and prevention.
On the DASN side, I've gotten into the business process, DMIRS (Defense Military Integrated Resource System), NSIPS (Navy Standard Integrated Personnel System), TMIP (Theater Medical Information Program), which brings medical technology to our ships at sea.