DASODomestic Abuse Services Oxford (formerly Women's Emergency Centre-Oxford; Canada)
DASODemocratic Alliance Student Organisation
DASODona Ana County Sheriff's Office (New Mexico)
DASODemonstration And Shakedown Operation
DASODepartment of the Army Special Order
DASODumping at Sea Ordinance (Hong Kong)
DASODynamic Adjustment of Serialization Order
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'The beauty of the Daso is unmatched with the name given 'paradise of earth' which is being neglected after the earthquake'.
Daso, Architects of American Air Supremacy: Gen Hap Arnold and Dr.
Coleman is Daso Herb Professor of Gifted Education in the Department of Early Childhood, Physical and Special Education at the University of Toledo, OH.
(26) This, moreover, is not the only problem with the term: although both canonical and non-canonical versions of the Pali ordination formulary use the term bhujissa in the question to be asked of the candidate (bhujisso'si, bhujissasi), the term does not occur anywhere else in the Pali Vinaya in regard to men or women, and the canonical Pali rule which forbids the ordination of "slaves" uses the word dasa: na bhikkhave daso pabbajettabbo.
In his 1997 work, Architects of American Air Supremacy: General Hap Arnold and Dr Theodore von Karman, Major Dik Daso observed, "both Arnold and Karman developed a similar vision for military aviation: the United States needed a cooperative aeronautics establishment which coupled civilian scientific and industrial expertise with the practical needs of the Army Air Corps." (2) Dr yon Karman articulated this vision in his December 1945 report to General Arnold entitled, Toward New Horizons, which was the first report of the newly formed Army Air Force Scientific Advisory Group.
LAWRENCE BAINES is the Judith Daso Herb Chair in Adolescent Literacy, University of Toledo, Toledo, Ohio.
Coleman is the Daso Herb Professor of Gifted Education in the Department of Early Childhood, Physical and Special Education at The University of Toledo where he teaches courses in qualitative inquiry and gifted education.
In September 2004 in Bauchi State, Daso Adamu, a nursing mother, was sentenced to death by stoning when she initially admitted to having sex with her first husband after her second husband absconded.
Dik Alan Daso's description of Hap Arnold's years as a cadet, including his leadership of a group of pranksters known as the "Black Hand," is particularly illuminating.