DASPDigital Account and Support Platform
DASPDisk Anti-Shock Protection (Acer)
DASPDynamic Active Server Page
DASPDrive Active Slave Present
DASPDisk anti Shock Protection
DASPDynamic Adaptive Speculative Preprocessor
DASPDigital Assisted Services Program
DASPData Administration Strategic Plan
DASPDell Authorized Service Provider
DASPDeparting Australia Superannuation Payment (Australian Taxation Office)
DASPDistributive Analysis Stata Package (software)
DASPDynamic Adaptive Speculative Pre-processor (Nvidia)
DASPDirection de l'Appui au Secteur Privé (French: Directorate of Private Sector Support; Senegal)
DASPDrive Active/Slave Present (IDE hard disk drive pin)
DASPDigital Audio Signal Processing
DASPData Administration Strategic Plan (US DoD)
DASPDiabetes Autoantibody Standardization Program (CDC)
DASPDisaster Assistance Support Program
DASPDeutsche Gesellschaft für die Afrikanischen Staaten Portugiesischer Sprache (German Society for Portugugese-speaking Afican Syayes, Bonn)
DASPData Analysis Statistics and Probability
DASPDelaware Association of School Psychologists
DASPDivision of Atmospheric and Space Physics (Canadian Association of Physicists)
DASPDeliver Automated Solutions Process
DASPDepartamento Administrativo de Saúde Pública (Brasil)
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Cabe ressaltar que, em 1936, com o objetivo de realizar a modernizacao administrativa, foi criado no Brasil o Departamento Administrativo do Servico Publico (DASP), onde foi instituida a funcao orcamentaria, enquanto atividade formal e permanentemente vinculada ao planejamento racional e centralizado (Andrews & Bariani, 2010).
Hyperglycemia thus promotes the acquisition of a proinflammatory cellular phenotype that may be defined as a diabetes- or hyperglycemia-associated secretory phenotype (DASP or HASP).
DASP: Distributive Analysis Stata Package, PEP, CIRPEE and World Bank, Universite Laval.
Tambem foi criado o Conselho Federal do Servico Publico (CFSPC, em 1936) e, mais tarde, o Departamento Administrativo do Servico Publico (DASP, 1938).
Bayview Acquisitions LLC, of which Blackstone holds a significant share, has bought nearly 24,000 non-performing loans through HUD's Distressed Asset Stabilization Program (DASP).
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Immunology of Diabetes Society established a proficiency testing program, Diabetes Antibody Standardization Program (DASP), in 2000.
Criou-se entao o Departamento Administrativo do Servico Publico (DASP) visando a promocao de uma maquina administrativa baseada nas reformas burocraticas do servico publico realizadas em paises desenvolvidos.
"DASP: Distributive analysis Stata Package", Quebec, PEP, World Bank, UNDP y Universidad de Laval, 2007.
It features City Brake Active, DASP (Driver Assistance Package), forward collision warning, lane departure warning, blind sport information, traffic sign recognition and a high beam support system.
O Departamento de Saude Publica, conhecido como DSP ou DASP, era uma estrutura estadual que oferecia diversos servicos de saude, referencia para todos os municipios da regiao, tendo sido municipalizado em 1990.
Em toda parte, em muitos paises fez numerosos amigos; no Itamaraty, no DASP, no BID, no BNDE, era uma figura carinhosamente respeitada.
At MBA's single-family rental summit in Virginia, FFLA Assistant Secretary for Housing Carol Galante said that FHA's two-year-old Distressed Asset Stabilization Program (DASP)--the sale of non-performing notes--was intended to avoid the expense of REOs and potentially allow homeowners to remain in their homes, with no more than 50 percent of the portfolio being put back into the market.