DASRDrug and Alcohol Service Report (Australia)
DASRDigital Airport Surveillance Radar
DASRDirect Access Service Request (deregulated utilities)
DASRDepartment of the Arts, Sport and Recreation (New South Wales Government; Australia)
DASRDirect Action Special Reconnaissance (US Marine Corps)
DASRDirect Air-to-Satellite Relay
DASRDigicomp Academy Suisse Romande (French; Swiss computer training company)
DASRDefense Analysis Special Report(s)
DASRDirectorate of Scientific Agricultural Research (Syria)
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In the commentary to the DASR, the International Law Commission (ILC) contends, "the plea of necessity is not intended to cover conduct which is in principle regulated by the primary obligations," using the rules relating to the use of force as a possible example.
In any case, despite the DASR's avoidance of the doctrine's applicability to HI, because the doctrine of necessity is also a customary norm, (215) its permissible uses as a norm of procedure can also evolve just as substantive customary norms.
For a plea of necessity, the contribution must be to "sufficiently substantial and not merely incidental or peripheral." DASR, supra note 78, [paragraph] 20 at 84; see also Gabcikovo, 1997 I.C.J.
This, in conjunction with DAAS and DASR's proven track record under operational conditions at already upgraded sites, cleared the way for Sec.
The completion of the Electronic Systems Center's preproduction activities with the system have led to a positive decision for low rate initial production (LRIP) of the Raytheon ASR-11 Digital Airport Surveillance Radar (DASR).
The ASR-11 DASR is a solid-state airport surveillance radar with primary surveillance coverage to 60 miles and secondary coverage to 120 miles, which can detect up to six levels of weather.
DASRS, Aerospace Medicine Department and Chemistry & Technology Department, Aeroporto Pratica di Mare, 00040 Pomezia, Roma, Italy.