DASRDigital Airport Surveillance Radar
DASRDirect Access Service Request (deregulated utilities)
DASRDepartment of the Arts, Sport and Recreation (New South Wales Government; Australia)
DASRDirect Air-to-Satellite Relay
DASRDefense Analysis Special Report(s)
DASRDirectorate of Scientific Agricultural Research (Syria)
DASRDrug and Alcohol Service Report (Australia)
DASRDigicomp Academy Suisse Romande (French; Swiss computer training company)
DASRDirect Action Special Reconnaissance (US Marine Corps)
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The ASR-11 DASR is a modern, solid-state airport surveillance radar with primary surveillance coverage to 60 miles and secondary surveillance coverage to 120 miles.
Raytheon is extremely pleased with the GAO's decision on the DASR contract.
Raytheon's DASR will provide key air traffic services at DoD and FAA airports," said William H.
The DASR system, known in the FAA as the ASR-11, is a critical element of the DoD and FAA air traffic modernization program to maintain a terminal area surveillance network into the 21st century.
The DASR program is a joint procurement by the DoD for the U.
Air Marshal Leo Davies, the Chief of Air Force, said the DASR will replace the current system which has evolved over twenty years and is unique to Australia.
We have been working with Defence and Industry organisations for three years to make sure weve got the DASR right.
The new DASR are less prescriptive than the current regulation, offering higher levels of safety assurance at lower cost.
The new DASR regulation will also improve the freedom of decision for Commanders, required for military operations, Air Commodore Hood said.
Cossor will provide up to 213 secondary surveillance radars for the DASR system, which is a critical element of the DoD and FAA air traffic modernization program.