DASSADrug and Alcohol Services South Australia
DASSADistinguished Affiliated Societies Service Award
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This study adopts a model that is located closest to this second perspective: the model of the meaning of work proposed by Morin (1997, 2001, 2007) and Morin and Dassa (2006), for whom "the meaning of work is an effect of coherence between the characteristics that the subject seeks in his work and those he realizes in the work he performs" (Morin, 2007, p.
However, it is recognized that performing an activity in everyday life involves four principle cognitive operations (Bottari, Dassa, Rainville, & Dutil, 2009): formulating a goal (e.g., preparing food), planning a solution to attain the goal (e.g., choosing to prepare spaghetti), carrying out the activity (i.e., executing all steps required to prepare the spaghetti), and verifying the attainment of the goal (i.e., verify that the meal was prepared as planned).
This information integration process is documented in numerous everyday judgments (see Anderson (2008) for a review of situations), but also specifcally for moral decisions in medical ethics (Teisseyre, Vanraet, Sorum, & Mullet, 2010; Munoz Sastre, Peccarisi, Legrain, Mullet, & Sorum, 2007; Frileux, Munoz Sastre, Antonini, Mullet, & Sorum, 2004), confict resolution (Kpanake & Mullet, 2005), and legal situations (Kpanake, Dassa, Sorum, & Mullet, 2013).