DASSLDifferential Algebraic System Solver
DASSLDemonstration of Advanced Solid State LADAR
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As DASSL functions better with smooth changes, the two stress constants B and F were increased from zero to finite values by using the switching functions
DASSL was able to converge consistently, even with [[tau].
To verify the accuracy of the steady-state results obtained by our finite difference code, the steady-state results were computed by two methods: 1) the transient finite difference code was run for sufficiently long time to reach steady-state, and 2) the ordinary differential equations obtained by setting the time derivatives in Eqs 1 to 5 to zero and algebraically decoupling the spatial derivatives were directly solved using DASSL.
The MOL consists of a finite-volume discretization along the spatial coordinates and time integration using the DASSL code.
The equations were integrated numerically with the DASSL code.