DASSLDifferential Algebraic System Solver
DASSLDemonstration of Advanced Solid State LADAR
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Implementation of the DASSL model will serve the extant and emerging needs of researchers and data analysts across the economic and social spectrum and allow them to optimise the use of our national data assets for economic and social gain.
A report outlining the DASSL model was launched in Dublin in May 2016.
A number of elements of the DASSL model exist within the CSO (e.g.
Comparison of Computation Time (CPU-Integration Time) Case Proposed Proposed Zhou's (DASSL) (Radau lla) 1 14.70 4.80 6.78 2 4.20 1.83 6.16 3 4.30 1.89 6.18 4 30.00 9.17 13.82 5 8.33 3.53 13.58 6 15.20 4.50 6.27 7 14.90 4.55 6.74 The solution profiles of the DASSL, Radau IIa, and Zhou's model are compared in Figure 14.
Petzold, "A Description of DASSL: A Differential Algebraic System Solver," Sandia National Laboratory, Report no.
As DASSL functions better with smooth changes, the two stress constants B and F were increased from zero to finite values by using the switching functions
DASSL was able to converge consistently, even with [[tau].sub.s] values as low as 1.0.
To verify the accuracy of the steady-state results obtained by our finite difference code, the steady-state results were computed by two methods: 1) the transient finite difference code was run for sufficiently long time to reach steady-state, and 2) the ordinary differential equations obtained by setting the time derivatives in Eqs 1 to 5 to zero and algebraically decoupling the spatial derivatives were directly solved using DASSL. The transient finite difference code (method 1) was run for a long period of time with the grid points refined until its computed results agreed with those of the steady-state calculations (method 2).
The MOL consists of a finite-volume discretization along the spatial coordinates and time integration using the DASSL code.
The equations were integrated numerically with the DASSL code.