DASTTDraw-A-Science-Teacher Test
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According to Thomas, Pederson, and Finson (2001), the DASTT gives preservice teachers the opportunity to place themselves into a visual image of their future classrooms, whereby they can "(a) picture themselves as elementary science teachers, (b) place themselves along a teaching theory continuum, and (c) consider the ways in which they developed their own science teaching beliefs" (p.
Reflection about one's teaching can come about through dialogue, writing, and even drawing, as Moseley and Norris (1998) found when the DASTT became an avenue by which preservice teachers could explore their perceptions of science teaching.
There is no research as to what could be learned about preservice teachers' perceptions about mathematics teaching through an instrument similar to the DASTT. The purpose of the present study was to examine preservice teachers' visual images of themselves as mathematics teachers.