DASYDosimetric Assessment System
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Dasy Organizacion president, Jose Maria Gimeno, said the new plant will involve the creation of 200 new jobs.
I found that it also had most, if not all, of the DASY Lab V11 Pro functionality as well as extra options.
With DASY Lab, it really is a matter of working your way through the various functions until you find the one that best fits your needs, and there are a lot of functions.
DASY Lab block diagrams have a similar appearance to Lab VIEW(TM) virtual instrument (VI) block diagrams, but the two are really very different.
"Although DASY Lab and Lab VIEW look similar, there are some underlying differences in the design and execution of applications created in these two environments.
"DASY Lab data wires pass complete data blocks, which are complex data structures that contain the measurement data along with additional information such as scan rate and channel information.
The bottom line is that you can accomplish many things with DASY Lab.
Attempting to fully describe DASY Lab really isn't possible in a limited space.
DASY Lab processes data in blocks, completing the operations associated with one icon before the block is passed to the next.
DASY Lab provides an externally modulated generator with a selectable wave shape.
Because a DASY Lab trigger has width, you have to think of the required post-trigger duration being the sum of the width of the trigger and the preprogrammed post-trigger value.
DASY Lab provides 999 of them so you can create a very complex system if you need to.