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DATAData Accountability and Trust Act
DATADurham Area Transit Authority (Durham, NC)
DATADesign and Technology Association (UK)
DATADrug Addiction Treatment Act of 2000
DATADrug Alcohol Traffic Awareness
DATADebt, AIDS and Trade in Africa (humanitarian organization)
DATAData Analysis and Technical Assistance (Unit; Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs)
DATAData-Aware Transport Activity (Nortel, ADC, Fujitsu, Etc)
DATADesign and Technology Academy (San Antonio, TX)
DATADebt Aid and Trade for Africa
DATADo As Time Allows
DATADefense Air Transport Administration
DATADecisions and Advanced Technology Associates, Inc.
DATADelusions of Armymen Tank-drivers and Airmen
DATADraughtsmens' and Allied Technicians Association (UK)
DATADrawings for Army Training Aids
DATADesires, Abilities, Temperament, Assets
DATADepartment of Advanced Technology Application (MMOG game)
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In terms of data transfer, WMS involves transfer of "dumb" images with the data intelligence removed.
Hazard, exposure, and health effects tracking represent data collection points along this continuum.
Enterprise data management refers to the overall data governance process--the data stewardship and data quality process.
Data is distinct from information in that information is data that has meaning to its end user.
Similarly, missing data make it difficult to measure effects.
In the early stages of data warehousing, customer relationship management (CRM) or other enterprise data management projects, data from disparate source systems and databases must be consolidated and mapped to the target system.
SPSS Data Entry Enterprise Server organizes and stores all data, no matter how it is collected, in a central location where it is immediately ready for analysis with SPSS Base.
To copy and paste data using non-windows applications during Windows sessions, you must first set up the non-windows application program as an icon in a program group (see the Microsoft Windows User's Guide for detailed setup procedures).
Integrated content scanning for discovering, monitoring and reporting on the activity of specific types of data, such as credit card numbers and SSNs;
The process by which data are distributed to library users depends on many factors including size, format complexity, and potential restrictions applied to the data as a result of copyright or license agreements created by data producers.