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DATAData Accountability and Trust Act
DATADurham Area Transit Authority (Durham, NC)
DATADesign and Technology Association (UK)
DATADrug Addiction Treatment Act of 2000
DATADrug Alcohol Traffic Awareness
DATADebt, AIDS and Trade in Africa (humanitarian organization)
DATAData Analysis and Technical Assistance (Unit; Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs)
DATAData-Aware Transport Activity (Nortel, ADC, Fujitsu, Etc)
DATADesign and Technology Academy (San Antonio, TX)
DATADebt Aid and Trade for Africa
DATADo As Time Allows
DATADefense Air Transport Administration
DATADecisions and Advanced Technology Associates, Inc.
DATADelusions of Armymen Tank-drivers and Airmen
DATADraughtsmens' and Allied Technicians Association (UK)
DATADrawings for Army Training Aids
DATADesires, Abilities, Temperament, Assets
DATADepartment of Advanced Technology Application (MMOG game)
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And, further to tempt him, the very last chapter of Labour Tactics and Strategy remained unwritten for lack of a trifle more of essential data which he had neglected to gather.
So Freddie Drummond went down for the last time as Bill Totts, got his data, and, unfortunately, encountered Mary Condon.
The temptation to form premature theories upon insufficient data is the bane of our profession.
One can show from the psychological data alone how to get on the track of the real man.
Because they move data between locations, remote data solutions must accommodate bandwidth restrictions.
The image suggested by the term "data mining" is an attractive one, but, unfortunately, it may not be very informative to those records and information management (RIM) professionals who need to know what data mining means for them.
Authors should continue to take primary responsibility for ensuring that all data collected and analyzed in their experiments adhere to the MIAME (Minimum Information About a Microarray Experiment; http://www.
They're adding clinical data to improve medical and disease management programs, and also are replacing their agency, policy and claims administration systems.
Later, data may be recollected, information regenerated and the process repeated.