DATACDigital Autonomous Terminal Access Communication
DATACData Analog Computer
DATACDigital Automatic Target Analysis & Classification
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By embedding the QNX Neutrino operating system into DATAC RealFlex 6, DATAC takes advantage of OS technology field-proven in thousands of mission-critical and life-critical applications".
With its high degree of scalability, DATAC RealFlex 6 can be purchased in different configurations depending on the number of Input/Output points that require monitoring and control and on the number of operator seats to be connected.
DATAC RealFlex 6 is available through worldwide distributors.
DATAC GeMSeT has been designed to monitor the status and precise geographic position of generators and is used as a condition monitor, a fuel monitor and an anti-theft tracking device.
DATAC GeMSeT transmits information back to the customer base station running DATAC FlexView HMI office software for generators.
DATAC GeMSeT is priced at US$950 making the generator monitoring and secure tracking device an affordable solution for large and small businesses looking to improve efficiency and remove the risk of generator theft.