DATACDigital Autonomous Terminal Access Communication
DATACData Analog Computer
DATACDigital Automatic Target Analysis & Classification
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According to Cyril Kerr, CEO of DATAC Technologies, "With a proven track record in SCADA and Process Control Automation software solutions and widespread market acceptance of RealFlex, DATAC Technologies is well positioned to protect our customers and to take a large share of this growing market".
By embedding the QNX Neutrino operating system into DATAC RealFlex 6, DATAC takes advantage of OS technology field-proven in thousands of mission-critical and life-critical applications".
With its high degree of scalability, DATAC RealFlex 6 can be purchased in different configurations depending on the number of Input/Output points that require monitoring and control and on the number of operator seats to be connected.
DATAC GeMSeT has been designed to monitor the status and precise geographic position of generators and is used as a condition monitor, a fuel monitor and an anti-theft tracking device.
DATAC GeMSeT transmits information back to the customer base station running DATAC FlexView HMI office software for generators.
DATAC GeMSeT is priced at US$950 making the generator monitoring and secure tracking device an affordable solution for large and small businesses looking to improve efficiency and remove the risk of generator theft.