DATAMANData Management
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Dataman fosters a close, family-based work culture, and founder-CEO Nidhi Saxena directly mentors her team.
The DataMan 300 with Hotbars image analysis technology offers reliable reading of 1-D barcodes that lasers cannot read, including damaged, distorted, blurred, scratched, low height and low contrast codes.
The winners included Cognex in the process control tools category for the DataMan 500 and Speedprint in the screen/stencil printing equipment category for Speedprint SP700avi.
India, May 16 -- Cognex has introduced the fixed-mount barcode reader, DataMan 500 for factory automation applications.
Dataman USA LLC won a $94,221.20 federal contract from the General Services Administration's Public Buildings Service, Denver, for information technology services under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.
Another key operating feature of AccuSizer classifiers is the DataMan Data Collection System, a combined software/hardware solution that allows for the integration of all remote units on the production floor.
Censis went through five different generations of ID readers before it found one, the Cognex DataMan 7500, that provides the accuracy, speed, and ease of use required by this critical application.
Within a year, the company dabbled in digital, with an ill-fated Sony DataMan edition of the guide.
We have developed such APIs to make it possible for programmers to create location-dependent information services for our GloMo-sponsored DataMan project and to effectively introduce location in message addressing, as well as in service discovery.
1995], DataMan [Acharya and Badrinath 1993; Badrinath et al.
Instructional aids such as Dataman and Speak and Math computer programs for review of multiplication facts; Basic Math Competency Skills Drills; card games for review of same; calculators for making multiplication fact matrixes and solving division problems by repeated subtraction; number lines marked from 0-100 to show division as jumps back to "0" from selected points.