DATCPDepartment of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (Wisconsin)
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While supposedly a regulatory arm of the State, a closer look will reveal that DATCP is actually a regulatory arm of big organic agribusiness.
Organic Valley, the USDA, DATCP, and the various certification agencies oblige farmers to produce nearly as much paperwork as milk.
If you were in a room full of DATCP employees, you couldn't throw a rock without hitting someone who is also an Organic Valley employee or stockholder.
The latest Organic Valley employee to gain appointment to DATCP is Miranda Leis, who was purportedly hired by Organic Valley to help with structure as the company grows.
According to Leis, the Organic Valley Board of Directors is both pleased and supportive of her serving on the DATCP Board at the same time she's on the Organic Valley payroll.
Other DATCP agencies, such as the Wisconsin Organic Advisory Council (WOAC), are teeming with Organic Valley employees who are nominated by members of the Council and voted on by members of the Council.
Cooperation between regulators and processor has become so commonplace in Wisconsin that DATCP employees and Organic Valley employees act in concert to ferret out producers who are selling fresh milk.
There's one more curious circumstance that supports critics who claim DATCP is acting to protect the profits of Wisconsin's giant organic agribusiness.
The 2004 Breathe Easy Alternative Fuels Guidebook is an excellent opportunity for retailers to market their alternative fuels at no cost to state employees and consumers interested in purchasing alternative fuels," said DATCP.
Contact: Kevin LeRoy, DATCP, phone 608-224-4928, e-mail kevin.
A recent DATCP initiative resulted in the agency receiving more than $67,000 from USDA to work with the University of Wisconsin-Madison to develop emerging dairy markets in Guatamala and El Salvador, by conducting training workshops for influential dairy producers in these two regions.