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DATEMDiacetyl Tartrate Ester of Monoglyceride (bread dough conditioner)
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The results showed that the addition of different levels of CMC, DATEM, MDG and guar gum to white flour have non-significant effect on ash, crude fat and crude protein while significant effect on moisture and nitrogen free extracts and highly significant effect on fibre in different treatments of treated flours.
Cargill developed its solution even before the FDA's move to revoke GRAS status for PHO mid-2015, which also had repercussions for monoglycerides and DATEM, emulsifiers widely used in bakeries as dough strengtheners, volume increasers and crumb softeners.
The replaced emulsifier was DATEM (Kerry Ltd, Netherlands), which was used from 0.
Respecto a los oxidantes y emulsionantes estudiados se destaca que el ADA fue mas eficiente que el AA y que el SSL tuvo un mejor comportamiento que el DATEM, llegando en este ultimo caso a superarlo en un 23% en volumen especifico.
In this way, Panamore conditions the dough and softens the crumb in situ, offering the same or even better effects than DATEM or sodium stearoyl lactylate.
An alternative to adding DATEM esters would be to enhance naturally occurring surface-active proteins, or to suppress the lipids present, leading to protein-stabilized gas cells.
Based on the earlier approval given by the PSE, DATEM would have started its offering on Tuesday Nov.
More than a week ago, DATEM was reportedly planning to raise a minimum amount of P5 billion through a maiden share sale at the PSE on the latter part of this year.
In a press statement, DATEM said it had filed on Thursday a registration statement with the Securities and Exchange Commission and a listing application with the Philippine Stock Exchange Inc.
Filinvest executives recently signed a deal with contractor DATEM Inc.
Having DATEM as our contractor is one of our steps to ensure only the best development for them, says Libago.