DATEXData Exchange
DATEXData Exchange Memorandum of Understanding
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With over twenty years of experience selling their own warehouse management system coupled with an extensive knowledge of the Windows NT and Unix operating systems, a partnership with MAPICS is a natural choice for DATEX to extend their warehouse management functionality and sell the MAPICS ERP application.
DATEX will broaden their footprint to offer the MAPICS ERP application for Extended Systems to high tech manufacturers seeking an ERP solution.
Pro zaji tenE[degrees] interoperability dopravnE[degrees]ch informacE[degrees] v souladu se standardy EU, bude dEile doplnena podpora predEivEinE[degrees] vybranE'ch dopravnE[degrees]ch informacE[degrees] ve formEitu DATEX II formou SW modulu do HDREU.