DATFDatabase of Arabidopsis Transcription Factors (bioinfomatics)
DATFDetainee Abuse Task Force (US Army)
DATFDesert Air Task Force
DATFDe-Coupled Adaptive Tracking Filter
DATFDefense of the Amphibious Task Force (postion held by an officer on staff within an ESG)
DATFDangerous Animal Task Force (Fort Worth, TX)
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More recently, the DATF has seen successful service in Afghanistan, expanding its capabilities over the years to include command and control, transportation, logistics, and operational planning.
Its successes and proven ability to expand cooperation have made the Benelux DATF a model for the kind of multinational programs the Smart Defense initiative hopes to foster within the alliance as a whole.
Additionally, where capability employment is in fact contingent on the agreement all of the participants, we know from the Benelux DATF example that similarity in strategic cultures and security interests can be an important foundation for that agreement.
Planken, "Dutch, Belgian Partnership: DATF," Planken.org, 1 June 1999.
By following the new standards DATF believes that shortages will be communicated to distributors, state and federal regulators, and others in a timely and efficient manner, and supply chain stakeholders will be better equipped to manage inventories and allocate products that are in short supply.
(6) The Benelux DATF and other bilateral and multilateral arrangements were forged during the effort in the mid-1990s to build multinational cooperation between NATO and EU members.
The precedent of their long-standing naval-command relationship, which placed the Netherland naval command over both navies during crisis situations, was not followed by the DATE The air forces simply agreed to pool all types of military equipment and weapons systems for DATF use.
The DATF assumed both combat operations and combat support responsibilities in Operation Joint Forge.
DATF is developing a survey to assess when businesses plan to he closed for the holidays and what individual companies have planned should an emergency arise.
Future issues to be addressed by DATF include shortages that may be linked to excess inventory acquisitions, difficulties in manufacturing, faulty predictions on product demands and shortages of raw materials.
"With NACDS participating on DATF, we look forward to continued collaboration with the chain drug industry to solve the problems associated with drug shortages," asserts Streck.