DATLDunlop Aircraft Tyres Limited (UK)
DATLDoubt As to Liability
DATLDrugs of Abuse Testing Laboratory, Inc. (Tulsa, OK)
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DATL offers are used by taxpayers who maintain that the amount of assessed tax is incorrect.
(48) The agent is instructed to first determine whether the taxpayer qualifies for a DATL or DATC offer, before considering an ETA offer.
[section] 301.7122-1(b)(1) (2002) (stating that doubt as to liability (DATL) exists where there is a "genuine dispute" about "the existence or amount of the correct tax liability").
One of the initial limitations of DATL is when it can be used.
Despite its limitations and criteria, a DATL offer is an attractive alternative for some taxpayers for a variety of reasons, most notably the right to further contest the merits of their underlying liability.
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