DATMDraco and the Malfoys (band)
DATMDummy Air Training Missile
DATMDown at the Mac (online soccer fanclub; UK)
DATMData Mode (Naval data analysis)
DATMDrums Along the Mohawk (Rome, NY Drum Corp International Competition)
DATMDerby Area Transport Model
DATMDepartment of the Army Technical Manual
DATMDennis and the Menace (Brunswick, GA band)
DATMDave against the Machine (podcast)
DATMDrags Along the Mohawk (Little Falls, NY)
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Precursor Product ions Compound ion [M+H] Q C1 C2 ATZ-OH 198 86 156 69 DACT 146 79 68 62 DEAM 315 185 144 102 DIA 174 68 132 104 DEA 188 146 104 110 AM 343 214 102 172 ATZ 216 174 104 68 Abbreviations: AM, atrazine mercapturate; ATZ-OH, hydroxyatrazine; ATZ, atrazine; C1, confirmation ion 1; C2, confirmation ion 2; [M+H], pseudomolecular ion derived from atmospheric pressure chemical ionization; DACT, diaminochlorotriazine; DATM, diaminotriazine mercapturate; DEA, desethylatrazine; DEAM, desethylatrazine mercapturate; DIA, desisopropyl atrazine; Q, quantification ion.
DRAW TIME: Town manager Lee Clark (centre) makes the draw for the DATM football tournament to raise money for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.