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DATRDivision of Adult Translational Research and Treatment Development
DATRDesign Authority Technical Review (civil engineering)
DATRDubs Along the Rockies (Colorado car club)
DATRDay At the Races (Queen album)
DATRDesign Approval Test Report
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The formalism used to represent network-morphology theories is the lexical knowledge representation language DATR, which was developed by Evans and Gazdar at Sussex in the late 1980s.
The DATR representation of Figure 3 is given in (8) to (10).
The inheritance of Atomn'ik from LEXEME is represented in (9), where the empty angled brackets represent in DATR the main inheritance source, the inheritance of all paths at the mother node by default.
These are represented by a single equals sign in DATR, and for expository purposes we have placed them in square brackets.
Conflict in Russian genitive plural assignment: a solution represented in DATR. Journal of Slavic Linguistics 2, 48-76.