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DATSDead At The Scene
DATSDISN Access Transport Services (US DOD)
DATSDental Assistant Training School
DATSDigital Audio Transmission Service
DATSData Automated Tower Simulator
DATSDefense Information System Network Access Transport Services
DATSDisabled Adults Transit Service
DATSDigital-Analog Test Set (Hekimian)
DATSDrill and Transfer System
DATSDigital Access Time Slot
DATSDigital Analog Transmission System
DATSDigital Automatic Test Set
DATSDirect Access Telephone System
DATSDrug & Alcohol Training Service (UK)
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DATS affected the morphological changes and percentage of viable CT26 cells in vitro
The growth of the mouse colon cancer CT26 cells in the presence of various concentrations of DATS ranging from 5 to 40[micro]M was determined by morphological changes and by using flow cytometry, and the results are shown in Fig.
The effect of the DATS on sub-Gl of cell cycle progression of mouse colon cancer cells was determined by flow cytometry.
DATS with different concentrations were then added into each well and incubated for 24 h.
The cells were then exposed to different concentrations of DATS for 24 h at 37 [degrees]C.