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DATUDépartement d'Accueil et Traitement des Urgences (French: Reception and Treatment of Emergencies Department; various locations)
DATUDirection de l'Aménagement et des Techniques Urbaines (French: Directorate of Urban Planning and Technology)
DATUData Adapter Termination Unit
DATUDirect Access Testing Unit
DATUDigital Audio Tape Unit
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Alvin Iyog, who were conducting operations engaged the group of BIFF Commander Peni in Sitio Lapitos in Lower Salbo in Datu Saudi Ampatuan town on Thursday.
That 1998 decision of the Department of Agrarian Reform Adjudication Board (Darab) Case 109, with Datu Labugdang as petitioner-appellant and Escano Hermanos Inc.
Members of two MILF-allied families renewed armed skirmishes in Barangay Madia in Datu Saudi town last Thursday just a day after two gunmen shot dead Sahabudin Namli, a 42-year old elected councilor in the municipality.
Gerry Besana, spokesman of the Army-led anti-terror Task Force Central, said Friday Army units in Datu Saudi and nearby towns are guarding against the possible spill over of the hostilities to other populated areas nearby.
Kopeja IP datu parraides tikla risinajuma izveide un uzstadiana vai uzlaboana; IP datu parraides tikla pakalpojumu nodroinaana tiesaistes (online) reima 2017.
Identifying the 1,000 more fighters that joined Raja Mudda Agbimuddin's remaining 400 troops in Lahad Datu, Idjirani said, "We don't know if they are members of the Moro National Liberation Front and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF).
Malaysian authorities said in a statement late Wednesday that a group of armed foreigners had intruded into Lahad Datu on Tuesday.
Agustin Tello and Governor Esmael Mangudadatu have dispatched their respective representatives to negotiate a truce between the two groups which were said to be locked in a local political feud in Datu Saudi town.
The infighting started when Councilor Sahabudin Namli, 42, was shot dead in Datu Saudi Ampatuan on Wednesday.
Five soldiers were injured in a roadside bombing on Sunday morning in Datu Unsay town in Maguindanao.
The 12 other cooperative beneficiaries are: Tamar Kalilintad Farmers Producers Cooperative in Talayan; Tukanalipao Kalilintad Producers Cooperative in Mamasapano; Tambunan Agri Marketing Cooperative in Guindulungan; Damalibi Multi-Purpose Cooperative in Datu Piang; Romongaob Farmers Producers Cooperative in South Upi; Pagalungan Farmers Cooperative in Pagalungan; Upper Baka Farmers Producers Cooperative in Datu Odin Sinsuat;