DAUAADefense Acquisition University Alumni Association
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I am extremely pleased and proud to publish the three winning papers for the third annual DAUAA 2010 Research Paper Competition in this issue of the ARJ, along with four other outstanding papers that were nominated for awards.
The first place winning research paper for the DAUAA 2010 Research Paper Competition is "Acquisition Leadership: An Opportunity Lost for Acquisition Excellence?
The DAUAA survey was conducted in July, 2005, and sent by DAUAA headquarters to its approximately 1,400 members; 130 replied.
To determine if the responses from the CPCM group were different from the DAUAA group, a conservative statistical approach was taken.
CPCM DAUAA Question 1, Answer 1 Number of Responses 17 94 Total Responses 54 238 Percentage .
The winners will be announced at the DAUAA Symposium in April 2008.
Papers will be judged by the Defense Acquisition Review Journal editorial staff, and winners will be selected for prizes by the DAUAA board of directors.
Winners will be announced and papers will be presented at the DAUAA 2008 Acquisition Community Symposium on April 15, 2008.