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DAVICDigital Audio Video Council
DAVICDigital Audio Video Council (Switzerland)
DAVICDigital Audio Visual Interactive Council (multinational company consortium)
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Although data on ratios of juveniles to adults were not available for 2007, the increased number of clutches and eggs in 2007 further supports the hypothesis that terrestrial plethodontids are adapted to resist ecological stochasticity, which could be important in maintaining long-term stability of ecosystems (Davic and Welsh, 2004).
Studies have demonstrated that snakes, newts, and raptors have large impacts on riparian species assemblages (Marti et al., 1993; Kurzava and Morin, 1998; Jones et al., 2001; Davic and Welsh, 2004; Smith, 2006).
* Members of Friends Toastmasters Club (FTC) and their friends visited last Saturday al-Dhiaa' Association for Visually Impaired Children (DAVIC) in Umm al-Summaq area.
Transparency tubes have been shown capable of predicting total suspended solids concentrations (Anderson and Davic, 2004).
En la seleccion y priorizacion de los indicadores, se han tomado en cuenta tambien a las especies clave para el ecosistema (Davic, 2003) y las especies culturalmente claves para las personas (Garibaldi & Turner, 2004), asi como la teoria del ciclo adaptativo en la que se postula que un pequeno juego de plantas, animales y procesos abioticos estructuran los ecosistemas a traves de escalas de tiempo y espacio diferentes, bajo una concepcion ciclica que involucra el movimiento de un sistema a traves de cuatro fases: Reorganizacion, conservacion, explotacion y liberacion (Gunderson & Holling, citados por Walker et al., 2002).
After Owen's scan at the Max Grundig Clinic on the edge of the Black Forest confirmed his tournament was over, skipper Davic Beckham vowed to make Owen's wishes come true as England prepared for the last-16 game against Ecuador on Sunday.
Simon, Davic. "Rethinking Cities: Sustainability and Development in Africa." Sacred Spaces and Public Quarrels: African Cultural and Economic Landscapes.
Also, several studies indicate that aquatic prey is a routine component of the diet of postmetamorphic desmognathines (Barbour and Lancaster, 1946; Burton, 1976; Davic, 1991; Donovan and Folkerts, 1972; Hamilton, 1932; Hairston, 1949; Keen, 1979; Krzysik, 1976; Sites, 1978).
Conexant's customers can create a CN9414-based cable-modem platform that supports CableLabs, Digital Video Broadcast (DVB), Digital Audio Video Council (DAVIC), Euromodem or other emerging standards.
3, LMDS specifications by DAVIC and ETSI concerning the physical interface are described.
The LBT4521 also supports the DAVIC standards and is a single-chip solution for CMTA demodulator that reduces overall system space, costs and has minimal requirement for analog front-end configuration according to the company.