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DAVIDData and Video Interactive Distribution
DAVIDDigital Audio Video Interactive Decoder
DAVIDDigital Audio/Video Interactive Decoder
DAVIDData and Voice Integration Over DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing)
DAVIDDistributed Access View Integrated Database
DAVIDData and Video Interactive Distribution (Italian Space Agency)
DAVIDDriver and Vehicle Information Database (Florida, USA)
DAVIDDiagnose, Abschluss- und Vorbereitungsdienst Informations Display (computerized system for German high speed trains)
DAVIDDevice for the Acquisition and Visualization of Interesting Data
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"Here, Jacob," said David, in an insinuating tone, handing the box to him, "I'll give 'em all to you.
David, not having studied the psychology of idiots, was not aware that they are not to be wrought upon by imaginative fears.
Then, looking at David, he said, interrogatively, "Box?"
Her laugh is very like David's, whom I could punch all day in order to hear him laugh.
David admires her prodigiously; he thinks her so good that she will be able to get him into heaven, however naughty he is.
I believe that when you close David's door softly there is a gladness in your eyes, and the awe of one who knows that the God to whom little boys say their prayers has a face very like their mother's.
Now, this girl's father was a thriving country merchant in the neighborhood, and happened, at that identical time, to be looking out for just such a young man as David Swan.
But, finding David asleep by the spring, one of the rogues whispered to his fellow,"Hist!--Do you see that bundle under his head?"
By chance David's father knew that he had disap- peared.
During the last years of young David's boyhood he saw his mother but seldom and she became for him just a woman with whom he had once lived.
"I know not that their delivery is at hand," returned the doubting David; "the leader of these savages is possessed of an evil spirit that no power short of Omnipotence can tame.
David composed his features into what he intended should express an air of modest humility, before he meekly replied: