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DAVIDDigital Audio Video Interactive Decoder
DAVIDData and Video Interactive Distribution
DAVIDDigital Audio/Video Interactive Decoder
DAVIDData and Voice Integration Over DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing)
DAVIDDistributed Access View Integrated Database
DAVIDData and Video Interactive Distribution (Italian Space Agency)
DAVIDDriver and Vehicle Information Database (Florida, USA)
DAVIDDiagnose, Abschluss- und Vorbereitungsdienst Informations Display (computerized system for German high speed trains)
DAVIDDevice for the Acquisition and Visualization of Interesting Data
References in classic literature ?
Here, Jacob," said David, in an insinuating tone, handing the box to him, "I'll give 'em all to you.
But the moment must come when Jacob would move his right hand to draw off the lid of the tin box, and then David would sweep the guineas into the hole with the utmost address and swiftness, and immediately seat himself upon them.
Then, looking at David, he said, interrogatively, "Box?
I may mention here that David is a stout believer in prayer, and has had his first fight with another young Christian who challenged him to the jump and prayed for victory, which David thought was taking an unfair advantage.
Is it not strange that, though I talk thus plainly to David about his mother, he still seems to think me fond of her?
When in shops he asks the salesman how much money he makes in a day, and which drawer he keeps it in, and why his hair is red, and does he like Achilles, of whom David has lately heard, and is so enamoured that he wants to die to meet him.
Now, this girl's father was a thriving country merchant in the neighborhood, and happened, at that identical time, to be looking out for just such a young man as David Swan.
But, finding David asleep by the spring, one of the rogues whispered to his fellow,"Hist
For him the coming of the boy David did much to bring back with renewed force the old faith and it seemed to him that God had at last looked with favor upon him.
Sometimes he looked at David and smiled happily and then for a long time he appeared to forget the boy's existence.
The narrative of David was simple, and the facts but few.
Cora had been sent to a tribe that temporarily occupied an adjacent valley, though David was far too ignorant of the customs and history of the natives, to be able to declare anything satisfactory concerning their name or character.