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DAVIEDepartment of the Army Vocabulary of Information Elements
DAVIEDigital Audio in Visual Impairment Education (project; UK)
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"Well, Davie, lad," said he, "I will go with you as far as the ford, to set you on the way." And we began to walk forward in silence.
"Very well, Davie. Then it behoves me to tell your fortune; or so far as I may.
But the name of that family, Davie, boy, is the name you bear -- Balfours of Shaws: an ancient, honest, reputable house, peradventure in these latter days decayed.
And here, Davie, laddie," he resumed, "it lies near upon my conscience to improve this parting, and set you on the right guard against the dangers of the world."
The first, which is round, will likely please ye best at the first off-go; but, O Davie, laddie, it's but a drop of water in the sea; it'll help you but a step, and vanish like the morning.
"Davie, Davie," I thought, "was ever seen such black ingratitude?
"Ah, that's Black Davie. He's been up four times for beating her.
Davie Crombie's dying wish was to have his coffin carried on a vintage truck, followed by a fleet of lorries.
Trainee accountant Davie, of Redditch, admitted he was "ashamed, embarrassed and shocked" by what he did after a drinking session.
Davie is really hungry to return to management now.
Heritage Firm of James Davie made drain covers from foundry in Goosecroft Road says Murray Cook, inset