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DAVISDefense Automated Visual Information System
DAVISDelayed Accounting for VAT (Value Added Tax) at Import Scheme (UK)
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And when Michael departed from Cedarwild in a crate on an express wagon, he might well have never returned, for Wilton Davis was notorious among trained-animal men for his cruelty to dogs.
The journey was only to Brooklyn, where he was duly delivered to a second-rate theatre, Wilton Davis being so indifferent a second-rate animal man that he could never succeed in getting time with the big circuits.
"But how about Berry Davis? I ought to have shot him."
I don't think they can kill Drugger Davis on that old vague story of the poison; and as for the convict who killed the warder, I suppose it's obvious that you haven't got him.
"But you can't be so mad as to say," said Greywood Usher, very white, "that Lord Falconroy was Drugger Davis."
Davis said last Sunday evening -- that the sorrows God sent us brought comfort and strength with them, while the sorrows we brought on ourselves, through folly or wickedness, were by far the hardest to bear?
And if one of these creatures went from Behring to Davis Straits, it must be simply because there is a passage from one sea to the other, either on the American or the Asiatic side."
Davis, but Winterbourne paid her the compliment of saying to himself that she was not, after all, such a monstrous goose.
"Davis was a man too, by all accounts," said Silver.
"Hold on there, Davis," he called to the faro-dealer, who had shoved his chair back from the table.
Saxon saw young Frank Davis, a friend of Bert's and a father of several months' standing, press the muzzle of his revolver against a scab's stomach and fire.
Davis, with a monstrous nose and a hump, and the words, `Young ladies, my eye is upon you!' coming out of his mouth in a balloon thing.