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DAVODaylight Visual Observation
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The Agenda is a series of at-a-glance graphics giving the rundown of the day at WEF while Davos Debrief showcases the most compelling sound-bites from WEF's most news-making interviews.
With the Diet situation the way it is, I have not set a schedule to attend the Davos conference for now,'' Ozawa said.
Out of their element and thrust onto an international stage with no handlers, schedulers or PR flaks, even the most confident CEOs who have grown comfortable casting long shadows in their own industries can find the Davos proposition intimidating.
But it is the people at Davos Life that are the keys to its success.
What Davos lacks in Alpine charm it makes up for in off-slope facilities, which are certainly a cut above the norm with good shopping, three ice rinks, a public pool, lots of walking and a 3.
En Davos se refleja cada vez mas la realidad del mundo del siglo XXI: un conclave de poderosos rodeados de un modernisimo e inexpugnable dispositivo de seguridad, ajeno a las tradiciones de la sociedad helvetica, e inocultable signo del aislamiento de inversionistas y magnates o "lideres mundiales" que dialogan y concretan negocios en las torres de marfil cerradas a cualquier participacion que pudiera objetar o criticar el asfixiante orden economico internacional.
This, then, becomes a problem neither Mumbai or Davos can deny.
Figueres had earlier told the conference that Davos was also 'a platform for dialogue' and 'a catalyst for action'.
Doubts about the Bush administration's competence notwithstanding, Davos looks to the United States for salvation--hoping that U.
Day 2 of the annual gathering of the global elite on the peaks of Davos will feature speeches from Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron, who are likely to take a starkly different line to Donald Trump, who speaks on Friday.
The global economy and geopolitical tensions are taking a back seat to a more immediate problem at this yearas Davos summit of political and business leaders: heavy snow is burying the venue, according to Reauters.