DAVSDixie African Violet Society (est. 1956)
DAVSDisability, Aging and Veteran Services (Oregon)
DAVSDutch Annual Virology Symposium
DAVSDeployment Asset Visibility System (United States Army - Forces Command)
DAVSDivision of Audio Visual Services (University of Saskatchewan; Canada)
DAVSDesignated Area Vocational School (Colorado)
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DAVS is available to units deploying to the Balkans, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Guantanemo Bay, and as Multi-National Force Observers.
Even with limited DAVS fielding, the COSCOM today is manifesting and maintaining visibility of over 70 percent of its combat logistics patrols (including both cargo and personnel).
Use the types o f functionality displayed in DAVS (or a future successor) to further refine corps and theater TAV processes.
Transmit the collected convoy-manifest message (using an Iridium or other satellite-based modern) to the DAVS Server and Message Router (DSMR).
Send a transportation movement request from a remote MCT to the COSCOM, and send the approved trip ticket back to the MCT over a DAVS link.
This will be done by having DAVS (or a similar system) interrogate RFID tags, MSLs, and 1D-barcode pallet IDs and transmit the resulting data to the DSMR.
Create an aircraft cargo and passenger manifest through which DAVS can interrogate all RFID- or MSL-marked pallets; scan military identification cards; and transmit data to the DSMR.
Deploy a DAVS or similar system to a remote (non-NIPRNet) location and display BCS3 functionality using the low-bandwidth (Iridium satellite) link.
Use a DAVS handheld interrogator to send a convoy or inventory manifest over MTS.
Although DAVS may not be the final Army TAV solution, it has brought the needed TAV functionality to the warfighter now.
DAVS aggregates all cargo into convoy element (Iraq and Kuwait).
DAVS and BCS3 are integrated to include passenger manifest, aircraft, inventory.