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DAWADepartment of Agriculture, Western Australia
DAWADiabetes Australia Western Australia (est. 1965; now Diabetes WA; Australia)
DAWADenver and Africa Working Against AIDS (Colorado)
DAWADaawah Association of Western Australia (Muslim organization)
DAWADeutsches Atlantik Wall Archiv (Cologne, Germany)
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In Turn Kiselev said "through the words of Dawa, we feel the prevailing atmosphere in Syria, and we become sure that the Syrian press is helping in achieving victory over terrorism.
In a statement to AL HAYAT, Dawa Party MP Saad Muttalibi said that the State of Law coalition is encountering "political blackmail" from other political parties.
Al Dar Arabia, set up in 2005 as a 50/50 JV between APM and Dar Al Dawa, has a recently built production facility.
Al Jaafari, the former leader of Dawa, quit the party some two years ago because of Al Maliki's alleged dictatorial attitude.
Dawa was left out because of disagreements over who would lead the alliance, a senior SIIC member said.
The grouping formed without the Dawa party, to be called the Iraqi National Alliance, announced its list of election candidates at a news conference in Baghdad on Monday.
Shortly afterward, a Dawa official said differences over the "mechanism of participation," likely meaning allocation of power within the coalition, and over the inclusion of more mi-norities had precluded Dawa's inclusion in the new group.
I wish that our brothers in the Dawa party would be among us today and God willing, efforts will continue to include everyone, with Dawa at the top of the list," Iraqi Vice President and ISCI member Adel Abdul-Mehdi told reporters.
On the track, Dawa and Mitravich skate hard and yell profanities with the rest of the pack.
Dawa is prescribed in the Quran as an obligation of all Muslims.
Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's Dawa Party strengthened its hold in nationwide balloting on January 31 that also brought some major power shifts among political-religious blocs in provincial elections.
Gelong Lobsang Dawa, born Edmund Brown, endured harsh winter weather with deep snow which made travel through the Himalayan mountains very difficult.