DAWAMDeep-Attack Wide Area Mine
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The muslim economist Dawam Rahardjo worked there for a decade.
(41) Dawam Rahardjo, 'Kala MUI mengharamkan pluralisme' [When MUI forbade pluralism], Koran Tempo, 1 Aug.
Although media reports have indicated a proliferation in weapons possession in various governorates across Yemen, Dawam says that since the revolution ended last year people have been buying fewer guns.
For example, where the actual name Muhammad consists of: the first letter mim as majid (glory), the second letter ha as rahma (mercy), the third letter mim as mulk (kingdom) and the final letter dal as dawam (everlastingness).
Hefner brings alive the thought world of liberal intellectuals such as Nurcholish Madjid, Dawam Rahardjo, and Abdurrahman Wahid, and describes their efforts to make Indonesian Islam more socially progressive, tolerant, and open.
Dawam Raharjo speculates that this is so because the adoption of the CBS can tarnish the credibility of the IMF.
Regal Revolution (8.55) confirmed the promise of his Bath debut with an easy victory at Folkestone, while frustrating Dawam Allail (9.25) has been given an outstanding opportunity to break his duck in the finale.
On the one hand, commentators including the Indonesian Muslim intellectual and activist Dawam Rahardjo have argued that the basically progressive and open-minded ideas of M.
* The Third International Workshop on Dependability Aspects on Data WArehousing and Mining Applications (DAWAM 2008; www.ares-conference.eu), which will be held March 4-7 in Barcelona, Spain, will focus on privacy and security issues as well as applications of data mining, including fraud and intrusion detection, terrorist detection, and access control.
(13.) This conviction was revealed in interviews with ICMI activist Adi Sasono on 11 July 2004 and ICMI intellectual Dawam Rahardjo on 25 July 2003.