DAWBDr Alvin Woods Building (Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada)
DAWBDirect Airway Bill (shipping)
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no matter how much my mother, Dawb [her older sister], or I scrubbed, it never stopped, no matter how many layers of paint we applied.
Such is the case with Dawb's final medical examination in Phanat Nikhom where she is told that her eyes must clear up before the family can leave America.
55)." In the camp her older sister Dawb suffered various serious illnesses including polio that weakened one side of her body.
At eleven and twelve years old Kao Kalia and her older sister Dawb were expected to attend school during the day and then raise younger siblings in the evenings.
According to Phang Ching, there are five subgroups of Hmong in Vietnam: Hmoob Shib, Hmoob Leeg, Hmoob Dawb, Hmoob Dub, Hmoob Ntsuab, and Hmoob Shua.
The most famous of the female singers now are Ntxhee Yees Xyooj (Thailand), Paj Muas (Thailand), Ntxhais Yaj (US), Dawb Thoj (Laos), Lis Vaj (US), Maiv Muas (Laos), Mim Haam (China) and Npaub Vaj (US).
Assertions of distrust appear to be reserved not toward the "White French" (Fabkis Dawb), but rather toward the "Black French" (Fabkis Dub), though there are certainly many groups that fall under the latter category.