DAWIADefense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act of 1990
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The DAWIA acquisition career field certification standards are published by the Defense Acquisition University (DAU).
After successfully completing the 4-week ALMC course, the AL&T procurement NCO will receive a course completion certificate and a DAU level II or III certificate in contracting if all DAWIA perquisites have been met.
The DDACM, as the ALT workforce proponent and single point of contact on all matters pertaining to DAWIA implementation, is responsible for developing and approving all Army policies and procedures established to implement DAWIA.
He holds a doctorate degree in chemical engineering from Michigan State University and is DAWIA Level III certified in program management and engineering.
Brooks had an acquisition background prior to being assigned to the agency, including DAWIA Level III certification and time as an individual augmentee in Iraq working with contracts.
He has degrees in Engineering and Business Administration and is DAWIA Level III certified in program management.
Whether through an intern program, DAWIA courses, or company training, we all have the ability to manage our careers.
In addition, a set of Acquisition Workforce Qualification Initiative (AWQI) standards focused on STM has been published for the workforce to continue its development beyond DAWIA certification.
She holds professional memberships in the American Society for Military Comptrollers and the Acquisition Professional Community and has Level III DAWIA certification in IT.
The next lower grouping included DAWIA classroom training, formal mentorship, professional development, well-defined organizational processes, online training, and certification standards.
The Veteran's Employment and Small Business Entrepreneur Act (PL 106-50), Defense Authorization Act of 2002 (PL 107-107), S1603, S1612, S1639, S1913, HR 3832, the FAIR Act (PL 105-270), and DAWIA (PL 101-510), are just a few examples.
One concern is that implementing a new system of requirements to supplement the DAWIA standards would place a resource burden on the military Services and other defense acquisition organizations in a resource-constrained environment.