DAWRDivision of Aquatic and Wildlife Resources (Guam)
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1965-81: The inshore catch data for this period were based on the inshore creel survey data as reported in the DAWR annual reports, including the often separately reported estimates for octopus and shellfish (based on reef-gleaning), fish weirs, and the highly irregular, seasonal catches of juvenile rabbitfishes (Siganidae) and big-eye scad.
1985-2002: We used the island-wide expanded catch estimates from the inshore creel survey, as undertaken by DAWR, and provided by WPacFIN.
For the purpose of supply and demand estimation, we included catches of pelagic species as provided by WPacFIN and DAWR, with a fixed amount of 39 t/year carried back from 1959 to 1950, based on DAWR's estimated annual pelagic catch for 1960-62.
5-fold discrepancy between the re-estimated catches and the reported statistics over the time period for which DAWR reported data exist (1965-2002).
Summaries of participation, effort, and catch data for the bottomfish fishery are based on DAWR expansions only and include all species caught by that method.
Until recently, the funding constrained the DAWR to work on finfishes only; therefore, information on nonfinfish is limited to catch statistics for methods that also target finfish.
The DAWR has been involved in many aspects of research.
The DAWR has been keeping track of the catch sold by offshore recreational fishermen (Myers, 1993) and has recently begun to document other catches, including nearshore reef fishes.
The DAWR continues to address the aspect of educating tourists (over 740,000 in 1990) and temporary workers from foreign lands about local regulations.