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DAXXDeath-Associated Protein 6 (also seen as DAP6)
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Among many genes related to the pathology of SAD, DAXX, NF[kappa][beta] and VEGF genes with the role in apoptosis, inflammation and angiogenesis showed significant statistical diversity in human brain with Alzheimer (20).
PanNECs (high-grade neuroendocrine carcinomas of small cell or large cell type), on the other hand, are infrequently associated with MEN1 and retain DAXX and ATRX immunoreactivity.
Patients whose tumors had mutations in three genes - MEN-1, DAXX and ATRX - lived at least 10 years after diagnosis, while more than 60 percent of patients whose tumors lacked these mutations died within five years of diagnosis.
Al induces the expression of NF-kB subunits, interleukin-1 beta precursor, phospholipase A2 and DAXX that are involved in the proinflammatory and pro-apoptotic signaling mechanisms (103).